Below is a select list of Chesya’s works. To date, Chesya has written and published nearly a hundred short stories and articles, including a collection and novel, within the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery and magical realism. For more information, to request an interview, or to solicit her work, please email her at




The Strange Crimes of Little Africa, RothCo Press (Dec 2015)

Collections and edited anthologies

Hidden Youth: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, Cross Genres Press (2016, co-editor with Mikki Kendall)
Let’s Play White, Apex Publications (2011)

Critical work

“The H Word: The H is for Harassment (a/k/a Horror’s Misogyny Problem),” Nightmare Magazine (2014)
“Super Duper Sexual Spiritual Black Woman,” Clarkesworld (2012)
“Race and the Walking Dead” (2011)

Short stories

“In the Quad of Project 327,” Cassilda’s Song edited by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. (forthcoming in 2016)
“Cut. Pour.”, The Daughters of Inanna, Thunderstorm Books (2015)
“For Sale: Fantasy Coffin (Ababuo Need Not Apply),” Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany (2015)
“Please, Momma,” Nightmare Magazine (2015)
“I Make People Do Bad Things,” Nightmare Magazine (2014)
“The Horror at Castle Cumberland,” Letters to Lovecraft: Eighteen Whispers to the Darkness, Stone Skin Press (2014)
“Mountaintown,” Shadows Over Main Street edited by Doug Murano & D. Alexander Ward, Hazardous Press (2014)
“The Teachings and Redemptions of Ms. Fannie Lou Mason,” Apex Publications, (2011)
“CUE: Change,” Apex Publications, (2011)
“Purse,” Apex Publications, (2011)
“What She Saw When They Flew Away,” Apex Publications, (2011)
“I Make People Do Bad Things,” Apex Publications, (2011)
“Walter and the Three-Legged King,” Apex Publications, (2011)
“The Unremembered,” Dark Faith (2010)
“My Sister’s Keeper,” Whispers in the Night edited by by Brandon Massey, Dafina Press (2007)
“The Light of Cree,” Voices From the Other Side (2006)
“He Who Takes Away the Pain,” Dark Dreams (2004)
“The Room Where Ben Disappeared,” Would That It Were (2004)
“Chocolate Park,” Undaunted Press (2004)