The comments on this blog, When the Church Fails Its Women: 7 Truths We Need to Tell About Creflo Dollar, Black Daughters and Violence,  are disheartening. I don’t understand when people say things like “no one knows what really happened except the people there.” Folks only say that when they are supporting the person in power. And make no mistake, to take no side in a dispute is to side with the person in power. In this case it’s Dollar.

We make value judgements about issues all the time. An example of this is the Trayvon Martin case. We understand that its not acceptable to shoot an unarmed child, no matter the excuse (as I hope we understand that it’s not okay to choke and kick a kid too). However, we hear people who support the shooting of that young young man trying to argue that we should “wait and see” or that “none of us knows what really happened,” or something equally as ridiculous.  The same things that some of us argue in support of Dollar. Is it only acceptable to hurt one of our children if you’re a member of the community?

I think her point was that as a community we must decide if we are willing to continue to allow (a few) men absolute power over women and children. Black women fill the seats in many Black churches, but in many cases they are subjugated even within the four walls that are supposed to support them.